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World’s First Real-time Thermocycler with 96 individually controlled wells.


n6 Tec proudly introduces iconPCRTM, a pioneering advancement in the genomics field with the world’s first real-time thermocycler with 96 individually controlled wells.

This breakthrough technology promises to revolutionize DNA amplification and sequencing by offering unmatched simplicity and flexibility, setting a new standard for genomic research and diagnostics.


96 independent thermocyclers combined into one Instrument

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Dynamic range: 10 orders of magnitude



NGS library normalization is a labor-intensive process that uses costly reagents. iconPCR enables customers to combine quantification and normalized pooling steps to produce high quality libraries by ensuring individual reactions are amplified to the same levels. Thus, libraries can be pooled prior to SPRI-bead cleanup, reducing the most labor-intensive step to a single-tube clean up, drastically reducing the most labor intensive portion of the workflow and manual errors.

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Metagenomics studies the genetic material directly extracted from environmental samples, allowing for the analysis of entire microbial communities. Particularly with environmental samples, the complexity and range of quality and mass of the input material vary greatly across samples.

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FFPE samples, notorious for poor quality, see significant improvement with iconPCR. Using AutoNormalization library concentrations are normalized, reducing amplification challenges and adapter dimers. IconPCR streamlines FFPE workflows, reducing failures and unnecessary sequencing. This method rescues samples often lost with conventional PCR and ensures more dependable results and higher yields.

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Single Cell

One of the key challenges in single-cell genomics lies in the library preparation process. A long and complex process, its success hinges on correctly assessing the quality of the starting material.

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Spatial Transcriptomics

Whole Genome Sequencing popularity has exploded in diagnostics, pharmacogenomics and ancestry studies. As the throughput of these studies increases, streamlining the workflow becomes even more crucial for laboratories.

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RNA - Seq

RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) has emerged as a powerful and widely adopted technology for studying gene expression, allowing for detection of alternative splicing events and novel transcripts. However, despite its widespread use, challenges persist, particularly in the critical step of library preparation. RNA-Seq libraries are hampered by complex protocols that are susceptible to biases, RNA quality issues and variability. iconPCR automated process streamlines library preparation and produces more consistent samples for RNA-seq.

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Our Team

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Yassine Kabouzi, PhD

Co-Founder and CTO

Yassine is a veteran leader in the development of semiconductor instrumentation. He drove the development and commercialization of generations of plasma and optical sensor products and machine-learning algorithms to meet the increasing demand of semiconductor most advanced etch/deposition nodes at Lam Research. Yassine holds a Ph.D in Physics and is author/co-author of over 15 US and international patents. He is also a crazed demon on a road bike.

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Yann Jouvenot, PhD, MBA

Director of Product

With over 20 years of experience in R&D and business in the biotech industry, Yann leads product management at n6. Prior to joining, Yann was responsible for product management at Bio-Rad and Imagia Healthcare, following his R&D work with Bayer Healthcare, Sangamo Biosciences and the Cochin Institute for Molecular Genetics.  He sings like an angel and dances like no one is watching.

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Chris Streck

Director of Commercial

Chris is n6’s commercial lead driving adoption of the iconPCR technology. He brings over 20 years of experience in strategy, marketing, product development and business development from life science companies including Illumina, 10X Genomics, Akoya Biosciences and Applied Materials/Veranome Biosciences.  The rumors of his previous relationships with three of the Pussycat Dolls have been vastly exaggerated.

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Pranav Patel, PhD, MBA

Co-Founder and CEO

Pranav is a serial entrepreneur and has been part of developing several impactful technologies in the field of Genomics. Prior to n6, he was founder and CEO of 2D Genomics (acquired by Bio-Rad) and an early member of companies including Pacific Biosciences and 10x Genomics. Pranav has a PhD in Enzyme Engineering from University of Sheffield, UK and MBA from University of Liverpool, UK. He wishes to be born Jamaican in his next life.

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Deval Lashkari

PhD -Board of Directors

Deval is a co-founder of Telegraph Hill Partners and has worked in the life sciences area developing and commercializing novel technologies for over 25 years. Deval has represented THP on the boards of Agena Bioscience, Akoya Biosciences, Applied Precision and Precision NanoSystems amongst many other companies. He is an avid trail runner and is currently judging you on your resting heart rate.

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